Things you should always have in your car

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Whether you’re using your car to commute, for leisure or go on that epic road trip you’ve always wanted to do, it’s really important that you’re prepared for any eventuality. Not only is it making sure your car is safe to drive, but that if something were to happen, you’d know what to do. Somethings you may not expect and some you already have, but here’s a list of all the things to keep in your car.

StaySafe 5-in-1 Fire Extinguisher

StaySafe 5-in-1 Fire Extinguisher

 An essential for any car owner, the StaySafe 5-in-1 is small but mighty and can fight 5 different types of fires and extinguish them in seconds!

Unlike large metal traditional extinguishers, its plastic bottle and lid make it lightweight and extremely easy to use, with less mess. Plus, it’s non-toxic and eco-friendly.

It’s something we hope we’ll never need but feel infinitely safer knowing it there to protect us just in case.

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St Johns Ambulance First Aid Kit 

This first aid kit from St John’s Ambulance has all the essentials you need if you were to have a small accident in your car, it even conforms to British Standard BS 8599-2:2014.

It includes things such as a first aid emergency booklet, dressings, foil blanket, medical scissors and so much more. Another important safety item that cannot be ignored!

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Road Hero Space Saver Wheel Kit

No-one wants to be stuck on a freezing cold motorway waiting for someone to bring them a spare tire because theirs has popped, make sure you always have one somewhere in the car and a Car Jack in order to change it. Check out this one from Kwik Fit.

An essential life skill is learning how to change a tire, why not check out some videos on YouTube so you’re prepared!

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Halfords Jump Leads

Car batteries can be unreliable at times especially if you haven’t driven it for a while. To jump start your car, all you need are jump leads and a willing participant with another car who can give you some power! There’s great advice on the Halfords website on how to jump start your car or why not watch another YouTube video. Remember red for positive black for negative!

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FORTEM Portable Digital Electric Vehicle Tire Inflator

This digital tire inflator is not only useful for tires but also air mattresses and sports balls which makes this a perfect gadget for road trips and camping. Plug into your car outlet, set to the desired pressure and away you pump. You should be pumping up your tires about once a month as they lose pressure over time, why not set a handy reminder on your phone?

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WD40 can not only help for things to run smoothly but help your car seem brand sparkling new. You don’t want your door to get stuck or not be able to open the fuel cap especially as parts of your car may expand and shrink in different climates causing things to get stuck.

Its straw has no problem reaching tricky angles and it’s also corrosion resistant meaning it won’t damage your car in the long run.

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Portable flashlight

Finally, we have a portable flashlight, this is probably the most obvious one but could save you if you break down on the side of a busy motorway. This one from outlite is great as it’s water resistant so great for all weathers. This would also be fab for your great outdoor adventuring too!

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