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Let's Work Together - Introducing the StaySafe Home Combination Kit

Protect your vulnerable and high risk residents with our StaySafe 5-in-1 Fire Extinguisher and our unique PanSafe Pan Fire Extinguisher Sachet

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Why Now?

  • UK government Covid-19 restrictions forcing vulnerable and high risk residents to spend increased time indoors at home
  • Unique innovative fire extinguisher pack that protects tenants and properties
  • Launching with resident engagement sessions and educational training app

     Why The Need?

    • Over 30,000 house fires occur in the UK each year at an estimated cost of up to £250,000 each
    • 87% increase in smoking related fires since start pandemic, significantly increasing the total numbers of house fires
    • Confusion over type, size and colour of extinguishers to use. 76% of people wouldn't know what type of extinguisher to use in an emergency

    Why StaySafe Home?

    • Removing confusion, the StaySafe 5-in-1 fire extinguisher will put out five different types of fire including electrical, textile, paper, petrol, diesel and cooking oil
    • StaySafe 5-in-1 is compact, lightweight, easy to use, environmentally friendly and non-toxic
    • PanSafe pan fire extinguisher sachet is simple and easy to use, putting out a cooking oil fire in seconds without the chance of re-ignition
    • Low cost affordable solution
    • Optional Covid secure delivery solution to individually deliver to each resident via secure tracked DPD
    • Optional online webinar resident engagement sessions available for fire safety and product information
    • Unique auditable training app

    "The StaySafe Pack is customer's peace of mind and added protection - and is clearly a reflection on our safety-first ethos across the business" - Paul Brown, Head of Operations, LiveWest

    A Complete Solution - All Done For You


    Unique fire safety solution launching at a critical time for vulnerable and high risk residents.

    Online webinar resident and staff engagement sessions and unique app to ensure residents understand what is being delivered and how to use it.

    Optional Covid secure delivery service to vulnerable and high risk resident's homes.

    Dedicated team for Housing Associations and Councils ensures the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.

    We're already proudly protecting residents through

    Get your free sample StaySafe Home Combination Kit and take the steps to proactively protect your vulnerable and high risk residents from a devastating fire. Contact us today: