Why is safety is on our minds even more at this time of year?

Outside, dark nights set in and the weather changes - getting colder, rainier and even a little (or a lot) of ice and snow!

In our homes, the heating is back on, our light and lamps are on more frequently, and we tuck up warm to stream our favourite movies, often with mobile devices in hand.

With all this comes increased risk - especially of accidents, as we enter the festive season and our homes are fuller with families and friends!


StaySafe 5-in-1 Fire Extinguisher

StaySafe 5-in-1 offers the ultimate peace of mind. Just ask our thousands of customers around the world.

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StaySafe 5-in-1 deals with FIVE different fire types, making it perfect for anywhere in the home, plus it's compact size means it's great in the car, garage or caravan/campervan.

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Personal Alarm

Your favourite dog-walking route throughout the summer suddenly gets a little eerie when the dark nights set in...

We all hope and trust that we're safe walking around our local area but a Personal Alarm can make us feel even safer. Often just the size of a key fob, they're loud enough to alert anyone nearby if you're in danger or if you've had an accident.

StaySafe Smoke and Heat Detectors

Our StaySafe 5-in-1 is the perfect fire-fighting friend... but make sure you're aware of a fire way before its gets too big to handle!

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The StaySafe Smoke Detector and the StaySafe Heat Detector are designed to detect fire early, containing advanced technology that reduces nuisance alarms (such as burning the toast!) and warns you if the batteries are low. Plus they're more compact than many other detectors.

Child Cabinet/Cupboard Locks

This time of year often means more goodies are around, such as cookies and sweets. This might be extra tempting for the little ones to go hunting through the kitchen cupboards!

Kitchen's can be a dangerous place, so make sure children can't get into any places where they could get hurt - Child Cabinet Locks are a perfect solution.

StaySafe Carbon Monoxide Detector

The heating is back on (despite the rising energy prices!) and that includes boilers, gas fires and log burners - all of which, if not working properly can produce deadly carbon monoxide (CO) gas.

Carbon Monoxide is completely undetectable by human senses but it can make individuals extremely ill - and is even referred to as the silent killer.

The StaySafe Carbon Monoxide Detector uses an advanced sensor to detect even very low levels of CO and alert you to the danger.

Home Security System

Have you started your Christmas gift shopping yet? For the next couple of months our houses will have plenty of gifts ready to wrap and give to your families and friends.

And even if you're a last-minute shopper, burglars can be more active in these darker nights, so protect your windows, doors and rooms with a security system. Modern alarms have internet and app connectivity, so you're always aware of what is happening in and around your home.




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