“When is it OK to leave my teenager by themselves at home overnight?”

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The age-old question, when is it truly OK for your teenager to have some independence? Teenage years are tricky, we understand as we’ve all been through them…

First things first, can you cast your mind back to when you were a teenager? The most important thing in the world for you is a little bit of trust from your parents. You’re so full of angst and hormones that anything and everything can seem like an inconvenience. This makes it even harder to know when the right time is. The cut a long story short, there is no official age when it’s appropriate it depends on the situation.

The NSPCC recommend that “children under 12 are rarely mature enough to cope in an emergency and should not be left alone for a long period of time. Children under the age of 16 should not be left alone overnight.”

If you are going to leave your teenager at home, why not make sure they have all the necessary safety precautions. You will have more piece of mind knowing that you’ve kept them safe, even at arm’s length.


StaySafe 5-in-1 Fire Extinguisher

If you choose to allow your child to use cooking equipment when home alone, it’s a good idea to have a fire extinguisher nearby.

The StaySafe 5-in-1 is small but mighty at fighting 5 different types of fires, and extinguishes them in seconds!

Its plastic bottle and lid make it lightweight and extremely easy to use, with less mess. Plus, it’s non-toxic and eco-friendly.

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A Mobile Phone & Charger

Your teenager may already have this but it’s important that they have not only your number, but perhaps the number of the place you’re going or another emergency contact number if they can’t get hold of you. It’s also a good idea that they know Emergency services number (999) and what to do when they get through to them.


Portable flashlight

A portable flashlight is useful if you suddenly get a power outage. With this in mind, it’s also really helpful if your teen knows where the switchboard is and how to use it in case you do have a power cut, same with the water meter if you have one.

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Carbon Monoxide detector

A Carbon Monoxide detector is important in your home even when your teenager isn’t left at home by themselves. Carbon Monoxide has no taste or smell so is undetectable for humans and is commonly known as the silent killer.

This CO alarm has a loud 85dB alarm, easily changeable AA batteries, low battery warning and a digital LCD display.

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Ring Doorbell

A doorbell with camera helps your teenagers know when someone is at the door and whether it is safe enough to answer. They can connect to your phone so are easy to set up. You can also connect it to your phone so not only can your teenager keep themselves safe, but you can keep an eye on the front door too.

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First Kit

If you’re planning on leaving your teenager, basic first aid would be useful for them to know. Making sure you also have a first aid kit handy so they can treat small accidents and stop them turning into something bigger. This is a great one from Amazona and contains 220 pieces of essential first aid equipment.

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